our fee structure explained

    Home Tuition Fee depends on multiple factors. The most dominating factor on which the fee depends is the Qualification and Experience of Home Tutor. Every parent wants to see their children ranking on top.
    They prefer to hire a home tutor with high qualifications and descent experience in teaching. Hence, the more experienced the tutor is, the more will be the fee.

    Fee Depend On Many Factors

    Qualification And Experience Of Tutor

    Scoring High In Exams Is not a piece of cake these days! One needs Full attention to the latest exam pattern and techniques. Parents who prefer home tuition over Tuition center classes get tremendous results in their children’s exams. Home tuition fee is higher as compared to tuition centre fee.

    To Overcome Challenges with numerical and conceptual problems in Subjects Physics, Maths, Chemistry, Accounts, Economics and many more. Parents prefer Experienced and Highly qualified Home tutors for their children. So, More the Experience, High is the Fee.

    Home Tuition Fee Vary For Number of Classes

    Home Tuition classes are availed by students on weekdays, weekends or on alternative modes. Regular classes are provided from Monday to Saturday or including Sundays to kindergarten, Class 1 to 8 students. Lower Classes have a reasonable fee structure.

    Weekend Classes are provided to students for learning optional subjects e.g Languages, Hobby classes, Personality Development Classes. Home Tutor Charges more Fees for taking regular classes So as to complete syllabus in Limited Time. Alternative Classes are provided to students in classes 11 or 12.

    Home Tuition Fee Vary For Number of Subjects Taught

    Home tuition for lower classes includes a thorough study of all subjects except language subjects i.e Punjabi, Sanskrit, French. Many Home tutors charge subject wise so if you study multiple subjects charge may rise high. Reasonable fees are charged for lower classes as compared to higher classes.

    General Fees For Class 1st,2nd,3rd,4th,5th,6th,7th,8th is Rs 200/hour to Rs 350/hour. Home Tuition fees In Chandigarh For class 9th,10th is Rs 450/hour to Rs 550/hour. Home Tuition fees for Class 11,12 Are Rs 550/hour to Rs 700/hour(T & C apply).

    Home Tuition Fee Depend On Distance Travelled

    Many Home Tutors are so creative that an average student also gets confidence to face the problems in their subjects. Parents prefer to hire such home tutors even after they come from a long distance. Hence, Feeses get raised taking into account the distance traveled by the tutor.

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