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Howdy Chandigarh Students? Getting deep Knowledge of a Topic Has become a Little difficult with Group Tuitions. Modiv’s comes up with an idea of hiring an expert Home Tutor / Home Tuition in Chandigarh. A home tutor makes it easy for students to throw out the complex for asking each doubt in their class.

Are You finding A Private Tutor?

Tutor For Private tutoring are well trained. To design the study module for students to make it easy for them to understand.

We provide Male/Female Tutors For Home Tuition in Chandigarh and nearby areas. Our Top home tutors are Experienced and Professional.

We Arrange Demo class On parents Request. We have Post Graduate Male/Female Home tutors, who have 10 to 15 years of Teaching Experience. Hence, We always get positive feedbacks

Are You Looking For A Home Tutor In Chandigarh ?

We are here to help you in Finding Best Male Or Female Home Tutor for Any Class And Subjects.

Connect With Our Male/Female Home Tutors!

In Chandigarh, Many students Hire A Private Tutor. immediately before their exams and Competition. Students must hire Private Home Tutors from Top Home Tuition providers. at the beginning of the session or classes.

We Appoint Best Home Tutors in Chandigarh for classes 1st,2nd,3rd,4th,5th,6th,7th,8th,9th,10th,11th class, 12th class. our tutors teach subjects Physics, Chemistry, Maths. Also, we include Economics, SST, Science, English, and Hindi. Home Tuition in Chandigarh is available for all boards CBSE, ICSE, IGCSE & IB.

Hire Expert Home Tutors in Chandigarh

We are Top Home Tuition Providers in Chandigarh for all Subjects and Classes. in Providing Quality Education to each Student. As a result, Our Home Tutors prepare weekly Test Series for their students. based on the syllabus covered in a week.

On every weekend, test series reports get shared with parents. by our Home Tuition Student care team

Hiring A Private Tutor in Chandigarh is easy. Browse through our Best selected faculties to ease the learning for the student. Get Brilliant Faculty for Each subject as your mentor.

  • Accounts Home Tutor in Chandigarh
  • All Subjects Home Tutor in Chandigarh
  • Biochemistry Home Tutor in Chandigarh
  • Business Studies Home Tutor in Chandigarh
  • Biology Home Tuition in Chandigarh
  • Business Law Home Tutor in Chandigarh
  • Business Maths Home Tutor in Chandigarh
  • Chemistry Home Tutor in Chandigarh 
  • Economics Home Tutor in Chandigarh
  • English Home Tutor in Chandigarh
  • Geography Home Tutor in Chandigarh
  • Geology Home Tutor in Chandigarh
  • Hindi Home Tutor in Chandigarh
  • History Home  Tutor in Chandigarh
  • Mathematics Home Tutor in Chandigarh
  • Maths / Science Home Tutor in Chandigarh
  • Microbiology Home Tutor in Chandigarh
  • Physics Home Tutor in Chandigarh
  • Political Science Home Tutor in Chandigarh
  • Psychology Home Tutor in Chandigarh
  • Punjabi Home Tutor in Chandigarh
  • Sanskrit Home Tutor  in Chandigarh
  • Science Home Tutor  in Chandigarh
  • Social Studies Home Tutor  in Chandigarh
  • Sociology Home Tutor  in Chandigarh
  • Zoology Home Tutor  in Chandigarh
  • Statistics Home Tutor  in Chandigarh
  • Spoken English Home Tutor in Chandigarh

Each Class has a Different pattern of Syllabus. Browse through our Categorized Classes and choose your own style of learning. with the help of Private Tuition Classes. Get Modiv’s Home Tutor for Each Class as your mentor!

  • Home Tutor for Nursery/KG in Chandigarh
  • Home Tutor for Class I  in Chandigarh
  • Home Tutor for Class II  in Chandigarh
  • Home Tutor for Class III  in Chandigarh
  • Home Tutor for Class IV  in Chandigarh
  • Home Tutor for Class V  in Chandigarh
  • Home Tutor for Class VI in Chandigarh
  • Home Tutor for Class VII in Chandigarh
  • Home Tutor for Class VIII in Chandigarh
  • Home Tutor for Class IX in Chandigarh
  • Home Tutor for Class X in Chandigarh
  • Home Tutor for Class XI in Chandigarh
  • Home Tutor for Class XII in Chandigarh
  • Home Tutor for IIT in Chandigarh
  • Home Tutor for AIEEE in Chandigarh
  • Home Tutor for PMT/Medical in Chandigarh
  • Home Tutor for Dance in Chandigarh
  • Home Tutor for Music in Chandigarh
  • Home Tutor for NEET in Chandigarh
  • Home Tutor for Spoken English in Chandigarh

Time management has a great impact on our studies! Going 3 or 4 km Away from home in Tuition centers has become time-consuming in this era of competition. Modiv’s Home Tutoring platform has come up with this idea. of hiring an experienced home tutor from the nearby locality in Chandigarh.

  • Home Tutors in Ambala Highway
  • Home Tutors in Baltana
  • Home Tutors in Dhanas
  • Home Tutors in Hallo Majra
  • Home Tutors in Kansal
  • Home Tutors in Khuda Ali Sher
  • Home Tutors in Khuda Lahora
  • Home Tutors in Kishangarh
  • Home Tutors in Maloya
  • Home Tutors in Manimajra
  • Home Tutors in Mullanpur
  • Home Tutors in Nayagaon
  • Home Tutors in Panchkula
  • Home Tutors in Panchkula Sector-12a
  • Home Tutors in Panchkula Sector-2
  • Home Tutors in Peer Mucchalla
  • Home Tutors in Pinjore
  • Home Tutors in Ram Darbar Colony
  • Home Tutors in Sarangpur
  • Home Tutors in Sector-1 Chandigarh
  • Home Tutors in Sector-10 Chandigarh
  • Home Tutors in Sector-11 Chandigarh
  • Home Tutors in Sector-12 Chandigarh
  • Home Tutors in Sector-15 Chandigarh
  • Home Tutors in Sector-16 Chandigarh
  • Home Tutors in Sector-17 Chandigarh
  • Home Tutors in Tribune Colony Chandigarh
  • Home Tutors in Sector-18 Chandigarh
  • Home Tutors in Sector-19 Chandigarh
  • Home Tutors in Sector-20 Chandigarh
  • Home Tutors in Sector-21 Chandigarh
  • Home Tutors in Sector-22 Chandigarh
  • Home Tutors in Sector-23 Chandigarh
  • Home Tutors in Sector-24 Chandigarh
  • Home Tutors in Sector-25 Chandigarh
  • Home Tutors in Sector-26 Chandigarh
  • Home Tutors in Sector-27 Chandigarh
  • Home Tutors in Sector-28 Chandigarh
  • Home Tutors in Sector-29 Chandigarh
  • Home Tutors in Sector-3 Chandigarh
  • Home Tutors in Sector-30 Chandigarh
  • Home Tutors in Sector-31
  • Home Tutors in Sector-32 Chandigarh
  • Home Tutors in Sector-33 Chandigarh
  • Home Tutors in Sector-34 Chandigarh
  • Home Tutors in Sector-35 Chandigarh
  • Home Tutors in Sector-36 Chandigarh
  • Home Tutors in Sector-37 Chandigarh
  • Home Tutors in Sector-38 Chandigarh
  • Home Tutors in Sector-39 Chandigarh
  • Home Tutors in Sector-4 Chandigarh
  • Home Tutors in Sector-40 Chandigarh
  • Home Tutors in Sector-41 Chandigarh
  • Home Tutors in Sector-42 Chandigarh
  • Home Tutors in Sector-43 Chandigarh
  • Home Tutors in Sector-44 Chandigarh
  • Home Tutors in Sector-45 Chandigarh
  • Home Tutors in Sector-46 Chandigarh
  • Home Tutors in Sector-47 Chandigarh
  • Home Tutors in Sector-48 Chandigarh
  • Home Tutors in Sector-49 Chandigarh
  • Home Tutors in Sector-5 Chandigarh
  • Home Tutors in Sector-50 Chandigarh
  • Home Tutors in Sector-51 Chandigarh
  • Home Tutors in Sector-52 Chandigarh
  • Home Tutors in Sector-6 Chandigarh
  • Home Tutors in Sector-7 Chandigarh
  • Home Tutors in Sector-8 Chandigarh
  • Home Tutors in Sector-9 Chandigarh

Frequently Asked Questions

  1.  ✅What are the Advantages of hiring a home tutor ?

    Home Tutoring has many benefits as personal attention is given to the student as compared to a coaching class. Test Series is conducted on a regular basis after completion of the topic. The private environment is provided in-home tutoring as it goes at a student's place only. Confidence is Boosted up in Private Tuition classes

  2. ✅How do home tutors help in improving student's confidence?

    Our Home Tutors are specially trained to overcome the difficulties in subjects whether it is physics, math or any other subjects. Personal attention is given to student's mistakes and instantly fixes in class.Tutors also motivate students to crack the problem in subjects.and unlock their potential.

  3. ✅Do Modiv's Home Tutors give an extra 15 minutes in a regular class?

    Our Tutor is genuine and so kind that if some topic is uncovered in class. they do not wait for another class and cover in the same class only. by giving an extra 15 minutes. we have special features in-home tutoring for extra class timings.

  4. ✅What is the Class Timings duration of home private tuitions in Chandigarh?

    Primary Classes 1 to 5 are given more than 1.5 hours.
    Higher Classes are given 1 hour.
    Tuition class time duration also depends on the student's ability to grasp the topic. Our tutors give extra time duration to average students.

  5. ✅Do Modiv's Home tutors provide free demo classes?

    Yes, We have special featuring demo classes provided at student's place only. We have no charge for first demo class.

  6. ✅What is the process to have a hire a home tutor ?

    The process is simple. Go to site > Call us For Demo Class or Fill Out query form. Our Executive will reach to you telephonically for all details. Have A Demo Class Today.

  7. ✅Can we hire a single tutor for more than one subject?

    we have highly trained male/female tutors with experience of more than 10 yrs. Our tutors cover more than one subject. Our Tutoring service provides subjects combo, for example, Math and science, English and Social Science, Physics and Maths, Botany and Zoology, etc.

  8. ✅What Is Home Tuition Fees In Chandigarh?

    Please find our Page Fee Structure in our site for full elaborated knowledge. Home Tuiton fee Ranges from Rs 3000 To Rs 5000 . Depending on class, time ,and Experience of tutor hired. visit our site for more info.

  • Ritu Bharti
    Ritu Bharti

    Happy from Modivs Services.. highly recommended teachers and professional team. Great experience Thanks Modiv Team

  • Irfan Shah
    Irfan Shah

    I am very happy to get teach by modivs. Modivs is A platform where u can help to grow other and also your own skills

  • Karan Chauhan
    Karan Chauhan

    Brilliant Academy! I hired a tutor name Mr. Dixit for my son Akhil for Mathematics.I really got a nice response from Modivs Academy.Got proper feedback from their institute.Daily attendance and response. I will recommend to all parents to take Modivs tutors for their children's golden platform .. My experience is 100 percent smooth with Mr. Modi sir and Madam Sonica Behaviour… Thanks, team

  • Neha

    I have a great experience working with modiv home tuition…They are very supportive ..They helped me a lot to become independent and confident

  • Divyansh Dhiman
    Divyansh Dhiman

    Highly Recommended Home tuitions Platform for Tutors as well as students. Modiv's Education is India's fast-growing home tutoring platform in metro cities.be the first one to avail tutoring services from Modivs Education .)

  • Shaina Jain
    Shaina Jain

    Quality and commitment are some ingredients that are their base…They are not only professionals but kind-hearted and loyal people as well…it’s the best medium for home tutors and students both…I wish them good luck for the future.

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